Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Travelin' Tuesday: Boston!

Welcome to another installment of Travelin' Tuesdays.

My recent Travelin' Tuesdays have focused on my adventures abroad, like London and Tokyo.  But you might remember that about a year ago, I did my first ever Travelin' Tuesdays post, focusing on a few amazing meals in Boston and New Hampshire, including the meal I dubbed "Meal of the Year" at Clio in Boston.

While not as exciting as other locales, the northeast is the place I visit the most, since my family lives in New Hampshire.  And thus, it is time to return to the Boston area, for more dining reviews.

This time, I'll start with another Virgin America First Class experience, SFO-BOS, followed by my goto stop for fresh seafood direct from Logan airport: Belle Isle.  Speaking of seafood, I'll cover some mediocre sushi from Oishii Sushi Bar, before moving on to a good brunch (featuring a maple bacon waffle martini and cookie dough pancakes!) at North Street Grille in Boston.  Finally, I'll do a new round of reviews of an east coast favorite: Dunkin' Donuts and I'll conclude on a sweet note with my favorite ice cream shop: JP Licks!
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