Friday, April 03, 2015

SuniBrite, Australia

As you know, I like to try out assorted breakfast/granola/nut bars.  I rarely find ones I like, but they are so convenient to stash away in my purse when I'm out and about.  Most protein bars let me down, nut and fruit bars are generally pretty boring, and I never really like granola bars, but breakfast bars can actually make me pretty happy, like the Nature Valley soft baked oatmeal squares.

So I was delighted to discover SuniBrite "Muesli Slices" when I was in Australia.  According to the company, "Sunibrite Muesli Slices are delicious wholesome baked slices made from a combination of high quality ingredients such as whole wheat flour, oats and fruit."  I like soft breakfast bars, I like muesli, so these had potential.

SuniBrite has a decent selection of muesli bars.  The basic bars are muesli mixed with dried fruit, such as apricot or strawberry, and some are yogurt coated, but I never found those.  They also make a "Slim 'n' Trim" line, which seems to have been rebranded "Lite", which are 97% fat free, available in basic muesli, or banana.

SunBrite is owned by Mother's Nature Ltd, same parent company as the "Be Natural" bars that I also enjoyed.
Lite Muesli Slice - Banana.
"SuniBrite Slim'n'Trim Banana Slices are wholesome slices made from a delicious combination of cereals and banana. Not only do they taste great, but they are 97% fat free and large enough to eat when hunger strikes or share with a friend during a break."

They are right about the size, these quite large bars, certainly not wimpy little diet bars.

Ok, to be honest, I didn't expect to like this.  I was trying it really only out of curiosity, and, well, it had the word "muesli" in the name, and I love muesli, so I was curious to see how muesli translated into a "slice".  But I rarely like bars, so, I went into it quite apprehensive.

Even once I opened it, I didn't expect to like it.  The bar wasn't particularly soft (not that it was hard like a granola bar), and the bottom side was studded with flakes, I believe bran.  Like this would be good.  I don't even like fresh banana bread, why would I like this?

But ... it was good!  Inside were chunks of banana, large, somewhat dehydrated, super sweet, almost caramelized-like.  The base was actually softer than it looked, and reminded me a bit like a Nutrigrain bar, just studded with tasty bits of fruit, rather than a strange paste filling.  Even better.

I really enjoyed this.  It does indeed make a perfect on the go breakfast, or snack with a cup of coffee.  For once, I totally agree with marketing-speak!

Update review:
I've had a few more of these since my initial review.  Each and every time, I open a bar, and I think, "wow, I must have been crazy when I said I liked this before.  It is hard and dense, colorless, no aroma ... how could this be any good?"  And then I take a bite.  And I love it all over again.  Yes, it is dense.  No, there isn't much to it besides the grains and banana chunks.  But damn is it tasty.  It is the caramelized banana chunks.  Magic.
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