Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Frozen yogurt @ Yogurtland

I was down in the south bay for a conference, and it was an incredible 85 degrees outside.  It wasn't possible to stay indoors, nor was it possible to not crave frozen yogurt or ice cream in that sort of weather!  And ... there were multiple frozen yogurt shops within a mile of the conference location.  So, I may or may not have ditched one session in order to go on a frozen yogurt crawl ... stop #1 was Yogurtland.  I'd been to one of their other locations before in Berkeley, but didn't really remember it well.

Yogurtland is a self serve setup, pay by the ounce.  This location has an 14 flavors available at a time, both sweet and tart, non-fat and low-fat.  Their web site lists many more flavors, some of which sound awesome!  They also have just about every sort of topping you can imagine (candy, cereal, fruits, syrups, etc).  Overall it was decent frozen yogurt, pretty creamy and flavorful.  They use real ingredients to flavor all of their yogurts, rather than artificial flavors, which you can really tell makes a difference, as the flavors are more intense than I'm used to in frozen yogurt, and it isn't just sickeningly sweet.
An incredible 14 flavors are on offer at Yogurtland!
  • Dutch chocolate: "Dutch Chocolate is the smooth, sweet variety that gives hot chocolate its famous deliciousness".  Made with Ghirardelli chocolate.   Nonfat.  Tasting notes: creamy, with ok flavor.  Nothing standout.
  • Madagascar vanilla bean: "Hand harvested from a tropical orchid, Madagascar vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world and in a flavor class all its own." Made with real madagascar vanilla.  Nonfat.  Tasting notes: This clearly had real vanilla bean in it, and had bean specs throughout.  Ok, but not that intense vanilla flavor.  Moderately creamy.
  • Peanut butter: Low fat.  Made with real peanut butter.  Tasting notes: disappointing, usually one of my favorite flavors.  Not much peanut butter flavor, even though made with real peanut butter.  Mediocre creamyness.
  • Dulce de licius. Low fat.  Made with real caramel. "The perfect match of sweet cream and decadent caramel. " Tasting notes: This was really good.  Very creamy with a nice caramel flavor.
  • Toasted coconut. Non fat.  Made with real toasted coconut.  Tasting notes: Good creaminess, super strong coconut flavor, really interesting texture from real coconut flakes inside of it.  I really liked this one.
  • Taro. Non fat.  Tasting notes: creamy, really good taro flavor.  Another winner.
  • Lucky mint creme: "Smooth, rich crème with a bright pinch of fresh mint". Nonfat.  Made with real mint.  Tasting notes: Did not like this one.  It was not very creamy, and tasted kinda like toothpaste.
  • Fresh strawberry.  Non fat.  Made with real strawberries.  Tasting notes: icy, not creamy, not very good.
  • Pecans and praline: "sweet southern pralines and fresh toasted pecans".  Non fat.  Made with real pecans.  Tasting notes: creamy,  really full of pecan flavor.
  • Red velvet cupcake batter: "Rich cocoa, hints of vanilla and butter cream."  Non fat.  Tasting notes: very creamy, good red velvet flavor.
  • Tangerine tango: "Tangerines and Kumquats".  Non fat.  Made with real tangerines akd kumquants.  Tasting notes:  Tart.  A little icy, but in a sorbet sort of way.   Nice citrus flavors.
  • Plain tart: Non fat.  Tasting notes: ok tartness, a little icy.
  • Did not try: pistachio, kona coffee.
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