Monday, February 11, 2013

Coriander Gourmet Thai

You've probably run into Coriander Gourmet Thai before and just not realized it.  They have a couple locations in San Francisco, one in the Westfield mall, and one just a block away in the new Metreon.  Yes, they are mall food court food, yet they brand themselves a "Gourmet Thai" establishment.

They are always eager to give you samples, and as I do like Thai food, I've tried them out a few times.  Unfortunately, their name can't disguise the fact that they are serving low quality, overly sweet, just not good Thai cuisine.  There is nothing gourmet about it.  I haven't found any of their food to be remotely worth getting.  The drinks are better than the food, but are also just way over-sweet. At least they are on LevelUp, if you want to enjoy some free credits for your very mediocre thai?
Thai Iced Tea.  $2.95.
Fairly generic Thai iced tea.  Sweet.  Decent enough if you are in the mood for it.
Lychee Iced Tea.  $2.95.
I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from this.  Black tea, with some lychee flavor?  It was insanely sweet.  Sweeter even than the Thai iced tea.  I had to wait for some of the ice to melt and dilute it to really make it drinkable.  And I like sweet things.  In the future, I'd ask them to water it down a little.

Once I got past the sweetness, I did like it. It had a lovely lychee flavor.  It also had two whole lychees in it, which I was originally very excited by.  I saved them until the end, and eagerly bit into them.  They were nasty.  Hard.  Bitter.  Gross.  Do not eat them!

Overall, this was fine, but not really worth $2.95.  I'd consider it again if I wanted a really sweet, somewhat refreshing, caffeinated drink.

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Main Dishes

  • Sweet Tofu with Crispy Basil: Poorly fried tofu in boring sweet sauce.
  • Eggplant Tofu: Incredibly oily chunks of flavorless eggplant, poorly fried tofu.
  • Sweet Chicken with Crispy Basil: Poor quality chicken, not good flavors.  [  Horrible quality chicken.  Not good flavors either.] [ Not good chicken, flavorless sauce ] [ Sweet sauce not bad, chicken mediocre. ]
  • Pad Thai: Sweet, poorly cooked mushy noodles, mushy sprouts.
  • Sweet Lime Fish: Given how horrible the chicken and tofu were, I'm not really sure why I tried this.  I was walking by, and the samples girl was like "the fish is really good!" And, I'd never seen them sample that before, so I went for it.  The fish was a white fish, I have no idea what it was.  Coated in batter and fried, but the coating was really mushy.  It was all covered in a sweet sauce that wasn't really balanced and was just kinda there and sweet.  The fish was slightly fishy.  Not very good at all, but better than any of the other mains I've tried. [ I wouldn't have known this was fish, rather than a fake animal protein.  The breading was decent. The sauce wasn't too sweet.  I didn't taste lime.  Could easily have come out of the frozen foods section, but not repulsive. }
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