Friday, February 15, 2013

Dirty Chips

"Dirty" chips.  Not exactly the most appealing product name.  I was curious about the naming, so I looked it up on their website.  They explain "The name 'Dirty' comes from the process we used to prepare our chips. The potato slices are not washed, leaving more of the natural potato flavor."  Ok, so I guess they really are dirty ...

Anyway, Dirty chips are kettle style, crispy and oily.  They offer some standard flavors (salted, bbq, sour cream and onion, etc), but also some more exotic ones like maui onion.  They are all fine, but nothing special.  Meh.

I'm still continuing my quest to find chips I love.
  • Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt.  Tasting notes: Eww.  Now, I would have never selected these, Ojan got them for some reason.  They were good standard oily crispy kettle chips, but I really did not like the pepper.
  • Maui Onion.  Tasting notes: Kinda sweet onion flavor.  Good crispiness.
  • Mesquite BBQ: Tasting notes: Same good crispiness, decent sorta sweet mesquite flavor, but not my favorite.
  • Sweet Potato.  Tasting notes: Very sweet potato flavored, crispy, but something just seemed to be missing. I didn’t like them nearly as much as Terra or Food Should Taste Good ones.
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