Friday, March 08, 2013


Sometimes, a girl just wants a sweet and salty snack to munch on.  When I passed by the Flipz white fudge coated pretzels, I couldn't resist.  Why am I on such a snack food kick these days?
White Fudge Coated Preztels.
My initial review of these was not good: the pretzels were pretty generic, a bit of salt on them.  The white fudge coating was kinda waxy and uninteresting, just sweet.  They met my desire to have something munchy, but not really the sweet and salty combo I was looking for.  I would not get again.

But since I had a full bag, I tried to find interesting uses for them.  One that I came up with, in a stroke of pure randomness, was dunking them into my butterscotch Snack Pack.  I didn't really like the butterscotch pudding.   I didn't really like the Flipz.  I wanted to like them both far more than I did.  But ... they actually combined in a way that made them greater than the sum of their parts.  Not that I really would get either again, but, it really worked.  So uh, if you have mediocre pudding and strange sweet pretzels, I recommend trying to combine them.  If nothing else, it is fun to at least dunk the pretzels in the pudding, and eat with your hands :)
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