Friday, March 09, 2012

Oysters & Happy Hour @ Waterbar

Waterbar is located directly across the street from my office.  They are known for their $1 happy hour oysters.  Yet somehow, I've never crossed the street to get them.  Until today ...

The place is open, bright, and hopping.  The bar is gorgeous, semi-circular, with all of the oyster offerings chilling on ice.  They select one variety of oyster as the daily special, $1 before 6pm, $2 after, and have a huge selection of other oysters available as well.  The oyster shuckers are hard at work in the bar area, impressively shucking oyster after oyster, ridiculously quickly and skillfully.

Since we'd just filled up on sushi burritos for lunch, and TGIF snacks at work, we only ordered the oysters (and champagne of course).  The rest of the menu sounds fantastic, but all of the reviews I've read are so lackluster that I've never been willing to risk it, particularly given that its pretty pricey.  Seems like it falls in the category of over-priced-not-good-restaurants-with-a-view.  Do you recommend checking it out for a full dinner sometime?
Marin Miyagi: rack & bag; northern Tomales Bay; deep cup, sweet, mellow flavor. 
Normally $2.75 each, so at $1 each, they were a good deal.  I generally prefer smaller, sweeter oysters, or ones with a more briny flavor, but these were decent.  Not particularly good, but they were clearly fresh and well cleaned.

Seems like a solid choice for fresh oysters, particularly at happy hour prices.
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