Monday, April 09, 2012

Cako Ice Cream

The Metreon is being revamped, and with the renovations are a slew of new food vendors.  I was very excited to see a new ice cream shop - Cako Creamery.  They are the same company as Cako Cupcakes, and you can see the influence.  Most of the ice cream flavors are a base ice cream with some flavor of cake mixed in.  Unfortunately, I haven't really liked any of the ice creams.  The consistency has been really hard, too frozen.  I tried each flavor on multiple occasions, different tastings listing in brackets.

Since their are known more for their cupcakes, I'll have to try those out sometime ...
  • Apple Pie: “Vanilla Ice Cream with Apple Pie Filling and Streusel”. Tasting notes: Had some bits of cake and apple but not very flavorful or creamy. [ Tasted exactly like apple pie! Nice spicing, real chunks of apple. But the ice cream itself wasn’t very good. ]
  • Caramel Turtle: “Caramel Ice Cream with Chocolate Fudge and Caramel Sauce”. Tasting notes: Lots of stuff in it, but not very flavorful or creamy. [ Just sweet, kinda cloying. ]
  • Om nom nom nom: ”Mint Ice Cream with Oreo Pieces.” Tasting notes: Not very minty, not creamy, didn’t really get much oreo. [ Ok, but not creamy. ]
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