Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chocolat Moderne

Chocolat Moderne is a small artisan chocolatier from New York.  I discovered their products at my local chocolate shop, Fog City News, back when they ran weekly tastings.  I've also purchased a few of their bars, as they have a number of insanely great sounding filled bars.

The bars are quite the sight, with all different colors of chocolate "paint" splashed on them.  The chocolate is high quality Valhrona couverture, 61%, and they handle it well.  The flavors I've tried have all be fairly interesting.

Tasting notes are below, as always, with subsequent tastings denoted in brackets.
  • Blood Orange Bergamot Dark Chocolate Avant-Gaurd Bistro Bar: "Dark chocolate bar filled with caramel made with fresh blood orange juice and scented with oil of bergamot."  Tasting notes:  Nice dark chocolate filled with goeey orange flavored caramel, beautiful design on outside.  Nice.
  • Avant-Guard Peanut Pizzazz Bistro Bar: "Dark chocolate bar filled with salted peanut and milk chocolate praliné blended with flecks of caramelized sugar."  Tasting notes: Nice!  Chocolate decent, peanut praline was really flavorful and nice, ground up peanuts with good flavors.  [ The chocolate coating itself was not very flavorful or complex, no bitterness nor creamyness. The inside reminded me of a butterfinger, although more peanuty.  I wasn’t a huge fan of this as a chocolate bar, but when I thought of it more like a candy bar (like a butterfinger), it grew on me.  ] [ crumbly inside, needs to be creamier. kinda bitter. not very peanuty. ]
  • Raspberry Rendez-vous Bistro Bar: "Dark truffle with raspberries".  Tasting notes:  Lots of berry flavor.  Dark chocolate was unobtrusive - didn’t add or detract from the bar, was kinda just there, but clearly good quality.
  • Avant-Guard Berries And Lavender Bistro Bar: "Dark chocolate bar filled with caramel made with fresh strawberry and raspberry purée and infused with oil of lavender."  Tasting notes:  Same thoughts on the chocolate, good quality but uninteresting.  Nicely spiced, I got lots of cardamon notes.
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