Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chocolates from Garoto

Garoto is one of Brazil's largest chocolate manufactures.  They have a large variety of chocolate, all of which seems about in quality of Hershey.  I haven't really liked any that I've tried.
  • Bonbon Recheado Sabor Gianduia: Tasting notes: Milk chocolate coating, smooth filling, can’t really tell what the taste is.
  • Surreal Amendoim: "Ball bonbon stuffed with creamy peanut butter, wrapped with a layer of wafer biscuit and covered with a layer of milk chocolate."  Tasting notes: Crappy milk chocolate with no flavor, totally lost.  Wafer layer is really nice, crisp wafer.  Most of it is just peanut butter filling that isn’t really creamy nor flavorful.  You don’t get the pb and chocolate awesomeness like a pb cup, but crunch from wafer is awesome :) [ Wafer tastes stale, peanut butter filling has decent flavor, chocolate generic.  Meh. ]
  • Amendium: “Peanut filled bonbon”.  Tasting notes: Like the Surreal Amendoim, but without the biscuit.  Not very good chocolate coating.  Peanut butter is creamy, with little bits of peanut, but not very good.  Meh!
  • Torrone: “Peanut torrone filled bon bon”.  Tasting notes: Milk chocolate coating again generic, filling is just super sweet, I see the little bits of peanut but do not taste them.
  • Opereta: "White chocolate with cashew nut blend".  Tasting notes: Bad white chocolate, no flavor.
  • Mundy: "White bonbon with coconut flavored cream." Tasting notes: Thick white chocolate shell, bad white chocolate.  The inside did have coconut flavor, but it wasn't good.
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