Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dessert from Bang San Thai

I was in the mood for some mango and sticky rice, and I don't really have anywhere in SF that I've loved it at, so I decided to use GoPago as inspiration to try somewhere new.  I was in luck, as there are a zillion Thai places listed on GoPago, and pretty much every one that offered dessert has it.  I browsed through the listings, and settled on Bang San Thai, as their version was fairly cheap, it was nearby, and people seemed to like it.

I ordered while I was a few blocks away, and received the reply that my order was ready within a few minutes.  I was a little upset, since I didn't want it to be cold by the time I arrived, and powerwalked the rest of the way there.  Once I arrived I learned that it wasn't actually ready.  It took another 10 minutes. Not quite the ideal GoPago experience.

The staff was friendly, and offered me water and a seat while I waited.  They seemed to do a lot of take out business, with a steady stream of people coming through to pick up orders.  The food looked pretty good, and I'd consider going back to try non-dessert sometime too!
Sticky Rice with Ripe Mango.  $4.00.
As you know, I'm a big fan of desserts.  And I always look forward to mango and sticky rice at Thai restaurants.

Bang San Thai mixes things up a little and uses black rice.  It was inconsistently cooked, some of it mushy, some of it very al dente.  I actually kinda liked that, as it gave it some interesting textures, but I'm not sure that it was intentional.  It was warm and seemed decently fresh.

On top was a little bit of sweetened condensed milk, always one of my favorite parts.  There wasn't much of it however, and it didn't have any coconut flavor to it which I prefer.  There were also some sesame seeds.

The mango was perfectly ripe, but somewhat sour.  I don't blame them though, good mango is very hard to find in the US.  I was spoiled by living in Sydney for a while, where the mango was incredible, so no mango here ever really lives up to my expectations.

Overall, this was ok, but not great.  $4 is probably the cheapest I've ever seen mango and sticky rice listed though, so it was a good value for the money.
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