Thursday, October 11, 2012

Donuts from Rolling Pin

After our adventure to falafel wraps, Ojan had a measly $1.47 left of GoPago credits, expiring mid-afternoon on Monday.  Not wanting to squander them, I looked around to see what we could get for ~$1.  There were lots of options: dolmeh, falafel, tons of chips, or ... donuts!  ZOMG.

I have a fondess for donuts that I don't all that often indulge in.  Ok, that isn't quite true, I have a fair number of donuts, but they tend to be fancy ones like candied bacon donuts with cheesecake filling and maple bourbon glaze from Baker & Banker, or foie gras donuts, with coffee cream, foie gras vaudovan caramel, and a brandied foie gras cereal milk shooter from Lafitte, or even whimsical versions, turned into burgers, like the fleurburger, with lightly spiced dark chocolate ganache, home-made beignets, and served with a banana flavored milk shake and frozen fennel ice cream “Pommes Frites” at Fleur De Lys, or the absolute best, fresh, tiny little maple bourbon glazed donuts at Cyrus.

But regular donuts?  Not something I encounter that often.  But a few weeks ago, someone had leftover donuts from an event at work, I think just from Happy Donuts, and I got rather hooked.  I had an embarrassing number of them.  Donuts have been on my mind ever since, so I was thrilled to see this option.

Unfortunately, I didn't begin my donut-quest early enough in the day.  The place that had donuts with great reviews had only a single donut left when we arrived, and it was just a plain cake donut.  Sigh.  A few blocks away, I knew that Diller's also had donuts, from Rolling Pin, which I'd heard good things about.  So we went there, hoping they'd still have some donuts left.

Indeed they did, although, only a few: just a plain cake donut, a glazed donut, or a french cruller.  None that I was particularly excited for.  I picked the cruller, but I wish I'd done some research beforehand, as it seems that most people love Rolling Pin, and dislike their crullers.  Whoops.
French Cruller.  $1.25.
The cruller just wasn't very good.  The dough was more eggy than normal, not resulting in the light airiness I associate with crullers.  Instead it felt really dense.  The coating was just a standard glaze.  It was sweet, it went ok with my coffee, but really, this was quite a disappointment.  Not good, would not get again.
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