Sunday, May 04, 2014

Cadbury Chocolate

I devoted my last chocolate review to the classic American Hershey candies.  This week, I'm featuring chocolate from what is basically the British andAustralian version of Hershey: Cadbury.  As I learned during my time in Sydney, it turns out, they make more than just the creme eggs (and fact, in the US, those creme eggs are actually made by none other than Hershey!)

During my few month stay in Syndey, I tried a huge assortment of their chocolates.  Unfortunately, I lost most of the notes I took during that time.  This is just a smattering of what I could find.  None were particularly good, but it was novel to try out another country's common chocolates.
 "Whipped nougat and caramel centre, covered in chocolate." 

Apparently Cadbury makes a bunch of different bars and calls them all the Moro.  What you get depends on which country you buy it in.  I got mine as part of the Cadbury Favorites mix in Australia.  I didn’t pick up on the nougat.  The caramel was a hard variety.  The chocolate coating was low quality and uninteresting.  Meh.

Update: just thick chocolately caramel, I don’t really like this at all.
"A golden honeycombed centre surrounded by delicious Cadbury milk chocolate".

Another classic, around since 1929.  The honeycomb was sweet, with a good crunch.  The milk chocolate on the outside was standard, smooth Cadbury, that just isn’t my style.  I would have preferred just to have the honeycomb.

Update: Very sweet filling that is crunchy, but … not complex, just sweet.

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  • Boost: "A smooth textured chocolate flavoured centre with crunchy biscuit pieces surrounded in flowing caramel, all covered in Cadbury’s world famous Cadbury Dairy Milk® milk chocolate".  Tasting notes: Probably the best one I've had yet, but not particularly memorable, caramel and biscuit covered in chocolate.  Something in the biscuit was a bit stale tasting.
  • Cherry Ripe: "Ripe juicy cherries and moist coconut smothered in rich Old Gold® dark chocolate". Tasting notes: This is apparently Australia's oldest chocolate bar.  It sounded great to me, who doesn't love coconut, cherry, and dark chocolate? Yum!
  • Flake: "Delicate strands of crumbly, Cadbury Dairy Milk® milk chocolate".  Tasting notes: Just milk chocolate, nothing special.  Not as flaky as I expected.
  • Fudge: "Bar of soft fudge covered in delicious Cadbury milk chocolate." Tasting notes: This is a UK product. Gross milk chocolate outside, I have no idea what the filling was.  Not good.
  • Picnic: "Milk chocolate and peanuts, covering chewy nougat, caramel, biscuit and puffed rice." Tasting notes: I guess I couldn't make my mind up on this one!  All my tasting notes are different :)  Meh, seems cheap, low quality chocolate, peanut flavor boring [ I really liked it!  Yummy peanuts, crispy rice, milky chocolate.  Great combo. ] [ Quality of chocolate really low, rice part not actually crispy, no real peanut flavor. ]
  • Turkish Delight: "Exotic taste sensation with soft eating Turkish Delight jelly centre covered in milk chocolate." Tasting notes: Gross. (Gee, thanks self, you made some real meaningful notes there ... )
Chocolate Creme Egg.
From the outside, the chocolate creme egg looks just like a regular Cadbury creme egg.  The shell is made from standard Cadbury milk chocolate, smooth and creamy, but unremarkable.
Inside the egg.
But ... inside is nothing like a classic creme egg.  Besides having no creamy white part, there is also no ‘yolk’. The inside is just pure chocolate fudge.  They call it chocolate creme, but it wasn’t really creamy, it was thick like a chocolate caramel.  The only similarity to the traditional creme egg is that this too was cloyingly sweet.  I'm not sure how they made chocolate that sweet, but, ugh, I couldn't finish this.  At least with the regular egg it has the novelty of looking like an egg, whereas this one was just sweet overload, with no fun factor.
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