Monday, January 28, 2013

Dessert from Popeyes

Ok, yes, I'm reviewing another fast food chain, which I know continues to kill my foodie street cred, but like with Quiznos, at least I'm not reviewing their primary product, right?  And, you can probably guess why.  LevelUp, of course!

Sure, most people go to Popeyes for the chicken and biscuits (I think anyway ... I've never actually been before).  But, I hate chicken, and I don't think it would be any good anyway.  But ... I had $2 worth of credits for Popeyes, so when I randomly found myself nearby, I decided to check out their dessert selection.  I wasn't optimistic, but I've actually had some surprisingly tasty desserts from fast food establishments (like those Quiznos cookies!)
Edwards Georgia Pecan Pie.  $1.49.
The menu listed pecan pie, one of my absolute favorite comfort foods.  My mom always makes pecan pie when I visit, and I just love the stuff.  She even just makes the classic Karo recipe, and uses Pillsbury pre-made pie crust.  Nothing special, as generic as it gets, but I love it.  Sweet, sticky, delicious!  Particularly with some whipped cream or ice cream on the side.  Yum!

Anyway, I figured if my mom's generic pecan pie could make me so happy, perhaps Popeyes could as well.  It turns out that their pecan pie is just Edwards brand, the single slice servings you can get at any low end grocery store in the freezer section.  The container it came in gave it away, with the Edwards labeling and the "keep frozen" instructions.

I looked it up when I got home, and found that Edwards has been around since 1950, and is "known for its wide variety of great-tasting, indulgent pies and desserts".  Their description of the Georgia Pecan Pie is that it is a "sweet, crunchy pecan filling layered on top of a flaky pastry crust, giving you a rich homemade taste experience in every bite."


My mom's actually comes across as homemade.  This does not in any way.

The crust was not remotely flaky.  It also came as pictured, with a big chunk missing.  Interesting.  It was indistinguishable from cardboard.

The pie was two layers, one of just the sweet filling, and then the top was pecans.  The layers were not mixed at all.  I prefer my pecans and corn syrup mixed!

The sweet layer was just sweet, didn't have any depth of flavor to it at all, no slight caramel flavor that I like.  The pecans were soggy.

This was nasty.  Do not get.  I don't understand how Edwards can exist for 63 years making this!
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