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Limon Rotisserie

After a fairly disappointing Peruvian dinner at La Mar earlier in the week, we decided to check out the newly opened Limon Rotisserie in Bayview.  The menu has many of the items from the original Limon and the Limon Rotisserie in the Mission, which I'd been to and enjoyed in the past.

It was a solid experience overall. I wouldn't rush to go back but I'd be happy to if I wanted some ceviche. The standouts for me were the dipping sauces and the ceviche (both of which I had at La Mar as well, and these were sooo much better).  Prices were totally reasonable (almost half of those at La Mar), it was new and clean, and the bathroom had a really cool sink :)
Ceviche Mixto: red snapper, calamari, tiger shrimp, peruvian corn, sweet potato, red onion in leche de tigre.  $9.75.
This was pretty good ceviche! The seafood was all clearly high quality.  The calamari were tender and not rubbery, there was a generous amount of red snapper that was very fresh tasting, and the shrimp had a nice texture to them.  The leche de tigre was really flavorful and made the dish really pop. This was a fresh, well balanced, tasty dish.

In name and ingredients it was basically the exact same dish as we'd had at La Mar a few nights prior, but at La Mar the fish was grainy and oddly fishy, the shrimp chewy and flavorless, the calamari rubbery, and the marinade no where near as flavorful.  And, it was almost twice as expensive.

This ceviche was really a great deal. It was $9.75, contained 4 large shrimp, 8-10 calamari rings, and probably ~15 generous slices of snapper.  While not sushi grade seafood, it seemed pretty high quality. I'm going to continue my Peruvian crawl as I have a few more places I want to check out, but so far, this is the one dish I'd go back for.
Lomo Saltado: Traditional peruvian dish of stir-fried sirloin strips, onions, tomato and soy sauce, served with fries.  $9.75.
I didn't like this. The beef was really chewy and overcooked for my taste.  I like the idea of having the fries in there, but the sauce was just so oily and salty that it ruined them for me.  I love stir fried onions, but even they were ruined by the sauce.

$9.75 was a good price for this much steak, but I would not get this again.
Pollo a las Brasas: savory free-range chicken slowly roasted over open flame, sweet potato fries on side.  Quarter size.  $8.50.
This is their signature dish, the rotisserie chicken.  You can order a quarter, half, or full chicken, and each comes with your choice of two sides: rice, sweet potato fries, yuca fries, papas bravas, salad, etc and dipping sauces.

The chicken was decent rotisserie chicken, as it is what they are known for.  Juicy, crispy skin, etc but at the end of the day, it is just chicken.  And I just don't love chicken.

One side we picked was the sweet potato fries.  They were better than average, with a pretty good sweet potato flavor and not overly oily.

The best part of this dish however is not pictured - the dipping sauces!  It came with three sauces, two cheesy spicy sauces and a chimichuri.  I loved the cheesy sauces, and used everything in sight as a dipping device.  Do we notice a theme here?  Yes, Julie loves her sauces.
Yuca Fries.
The other side we picked were the yuca fries.  They were nice and crispy on outside, warm and mushy on the inside.  Not all that interesting on their own, but as another vessel for the dipping sauce ... super tasty!

[ Not Pictured ]
Chicha Morada.  $3.

One member of our party couldn't drink alcohol, so he wanted to try out something different.  This is a drink made from purple corn, fruit juice, and spices.  It was actually pretty tasty and interesting.

[ Originally published Jan. 5, 2012 ]
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