Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cupcakes from That Takes The Cake

That Takes the Cake was a bakery located in the Marina, that I discovered on to LevelUp.  They seeded LevelUp accounts with enough to get a free full size cupcake, or, for the indecisive, two minis!  The dessert lover in me could not resist.

The cupcakes were decent, and I probably would have returned, but unfortunately, they closed just a week or so after I found them.  Doh!  I heard that they just re-opened in Oakland, but they weren't really remarkable enough to warrant a journey across the bay.
Mini Blonde Bombshell: Vanilla buttermilk cake topped with vanilla buttercream frosting. $1.50.
The cake wasn't remarkable, but wasn't bad.  Decently moist, ok flavor.

The frosting was quite tasty, actually vanilla flavored!  I'm so grumpy with places where "vanilla" is just a synonym for "sweet and boring".  This actually tasted like vanilla, and was creamy, and not too sweet.

The size was great for the price, particularly compared to Cup and Cakes Bakery, where the minis were $2.15, and totally flavorless.
Mini Tuxedo Cupcake: Chocolate cake with chocolate chips with vanilla buttercream frosting.   $1.50.
I don't normally go for chocolate cupcakes, but they only had two types of minis available on the day I went, so I got one of each, and I knew Ojan would like this one if I didn't.

I didn't care for the cake itself, it seemed fairly dry and was not the best chocolate flavor.  It did have tiny little chocolate chips in it that added a bit of interesting texture.  It had the same tasty vanilla frosting that I enjoyed.

I wouldn't pick it again, but I liked trying it.  Again, good value for price.
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