Sunday, February 24, 2013

Zotter Chocolate

My local chocolate shop carries a slew of really interesting chocolates, but one company that keeps catching my eye is the German chocolatier, Zotter.  They have a large variety of incredibly intriguing chocolates - boozy, fruity, nutty, and a category that they just call "crazy", which includes things like cheese, bacon, and pig's blood.  Yes, pig's blood.  They also have a line of single origin bars.

I've tried out a few, but have my eye on a number of their other varieties, and can't wait to try more!

  • Boozy
    • Scotch Whisky 'Highland Harvest'.  Austrian.  Hand poured filled bar.  70% Noble bitter couveture.  Contains sugar, cocoa butter, real whisky, milk, fructose-glucose syrup, full cream milk powder, whole cane sugar, salt, vanilla.  Tasting notes:  This is a classic filled bar, composed of a whiskey ganache covered in a fairly dark chocolate.  The chocolate was very smooth and dark, but didn’t have a lot of complexity on its own, which I think is good because it would have taken away from the flavorful filling.  The filling was smooth, creamy, and had a nice scotch flavor to it.  Not too subtle, but it doesn’t “burn” like drinking real scotch. [  This bar is still interesting with the scotch flavors, but overall just isn’t that standout.  There are better boozy bars around.  Wouldn’t purchase again. ]
    • Cherry Brandy with Marzipan. Hand-scooped bar. 70% Noble bitter chocolate filled with cherry brandy cream (30%) and marzipan (26%).  Tasting notes: The dark chocolate outside was decent, smooth and dark.  The marzipan I could have done without, it created a kinda gritty mouthfeel.  But the almond brandy cream had a nice flavor, and the brandy came through loud and clear.  I enjoyed this, but probably wouldn't get again.
  • Labooko (single origin series)
    • 100% Peru: Tasting notes: Very intense, fudgy. Surprisingly not too gritty for a 100%.
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