Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sibby's Cupcakery

I eat a lot of cupcakes.  I'm ridiculously spoiled by the fact that we have an incredible pastry department where I work, and they feature cupcakes once a week.  I've dubbed Tuesday "Cupcake Day" in their honor.  So, it takes a lot to impress me with a cupcake these days.

I recently tried out Sibby's, a cupcake bakery in San Mateo. They do not actually have a retail storefront, and are used only for catering and events, which is of course where I've run into them.  I didn't really like any of them.
Carrot Cinnamon.  Mini.  $2.25.
This mini was far smaller than any of their others.  I'm not really sure why they had such radically different sizes.  Unlike most cupcakes these days, it had very little icing.  I couldn't tell what flavor the icing was, either vanilla or perhaps cream cheese.  It was mostly just a little sweet, and kinda hard.

The cake was moist, but almost mushy.  It had flecks of carrot and I think zucchini in it.  Not much flavor however.

Very disappointing, definitely not worth $2.25.  This was the most expensive mini I've encountered.
Pumpkin Spice.  Mini.  $2.25.
This was a seasonal special flavor, pumpkin spice.  The cake was again fairly moist, and again, fairly flavorless.  It had some subtle spicing to it, but I didn't really taste pumpkin.  The icing layer was thicker than the carrot one, and it was clearly cream cheese this time, and a little creamy.  The icing was the best part.

Not very good overall, and again, not worth $2.25, although it was much larger than the first one.

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  • Chocolate & Cream: “Rich chocolate cupcake with vanilla cream cheese frosting.” Tasting notes: Not very good chocolate cupcake, no real chocolate flavor, not moist, just sweet generic frosting.
  • Confetti Surprise: “Moist vanilla cupcake with confetti sprinkles baked inside, topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting.” Tasting notes: Decent cupcake, sweet frosting, not bad but not anything special.  Best of all of the ones I tried.
  • Latte Love: “Vanilla cupcake with espresso-infused coffee buttercream frosting.” Tasting notes: Plain, not very good cupcake, good espresso flavor in the frosting.
  • Lemon Drop: "Light lemon cupcake with fresh lemon buttercream frosting."  Tasting notes: This was decent.  The cake was very consistent, fairly moist, but I always like them better with a crispy top.  The lemon flavor was subtle and nice.  My favorite of their cupcakes thus far.
  • Red Velvet: “Classic Red Velvet cupcake with extra-rich cream cheese frosting.”  Tasting notes: Kinda dry not very great cupcake, subtle cream cheese frosting, not very good.
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