Friday, April 12, 2013

Love Grown Foods

As you may have noticed, I've been on what is turning into an endless quest to find a granola I really like.  I enjoy granola in many different applications - big clusters to snack on, as a topping on greek yogurt with some fruit, or even with milk as a cereal.  But, I haven't found a brand that I want to keep going back to.

I heard about Love Grown Foods years ago from another food blogger.  Like many others that I have tried, they try to be a little more healthy and do not use refined sugars or artificial sweeteners, using agave and honey instead, and even infuse their cranberries with apple juice.  They believe in only including ingredients you can pronounce :)
Sweet Cranberry Pecan Granola.
I tried the "Sweet Cranberry Pecan", made with "tart cranberries and toasted clusters of pecans and whole grain rolled oats."

This was fairly classic granola, composed mostly of toasted oats.  It did have some subtle sweetness and a few small chunks of pecan, although not nearly as many as I'd like.  It also had a bitterness from the flaxseed, that I somewhat liked, but found a little too strong.  Since I can't stand hard little chunks of dried fruit in my granola, like usual, I picked out the cranberries.

One thing I appreciated was the cluster size.  There were many clusters large enough to eat for a snack as finger food, and I enjoyed some that way.  I hate it when granola is mostly all broken up.  However, the granola wasn't quite flavorful enough of its own to really just munch on dry.

I liked it best when added to some soy milk and topped it with fresh berries, as the sweetness of the soy milk helped add some missing flavor.

Overall, this was decent granola, better than most I've tried recently and clearly high quality, but I will continue my granola quest ...
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