Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sweet Lauren Cakes

I discovered Sweet Lauren Cakes at the Williams-Sonoma Artisan's Market.  If you haven't been before, it is a monthly event  held at Williams-Sonoma, with assorted local guest food artisans.  Most are not normally sold inside the store, but if they are well received, then it is a path forward for them. The selection varies each month, but usually includes things like pickles and preserves, chocolates, and my favorites, baked goods.

I was drawn over to Lauren's booth by the beautiful display of cute little cake pops, her specialty.  Cake pops are cake mixed with cream cheese frosting, then coated in colored white chocolate, on a stick.  Usually decorated with some sprinkles too.  Since my first encounter, I've run into her at other events in the city, and she even remembered me!

Sadly, I don't love the cake pops, but there is something really, really fun about eating a cake pop, so I keep getting them.  I just really miss frosting, an essential aspect of cake.  I wonder if she's tried putting frosting inside?  And the texture of the cake has never worked for me, even now that I'm expecting it. But ... cake on a stick!  Fun!  Move over cupcakes, perhaps a new mini-cake dessert is coming to town ...
Lemon Cake Pop.
  • Lemon: Lemon cake coated in white chocolate.  Tasting notes: Super sweet.  Really strange mouthfeel in the cake. White chocolate really sweet and nasty.  Do not like. [ Cake inside was gummy and really gross texture. But it had a lovely lemon flavor. And I liked the chocolate shell. ]
  • Red velvet: Red velvet cake coated in white chocolate.  Tasting notes: Not very good red velvet flavor.  Cake has really strange mouthfeel.  White chocolate sweet and nasty.  Do not like. [ Agreed ]
  • Vanilla: Vanilla cake coated in white chocolate.  Tasting notes: Nice sugar on top, very sweet white chocolate coating, bad mouthful on cake. [ I like the crunch from the sprinkles on top. ]
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