Friday, January 17, 2014

Creative Snacks Co

As you know, I love snacks.  I love to munch and crunch.  Generally I go for the sweet options, but sometimes, I also like savory.

When visiting my family in New Hampshire, I discovered Creative Snacks Co. products at the local grocery store.  I was hooked.  They make many products, including both sweet and savory, ranging from snack mixes, to veggie chips, to dried fruits, to gummy candy, assorted nuts and seeds, granolas, etc.  The only products I've tried are the assorted dried veggies, although pretty much everything they make sounds tempting!

I can't get enough of them, and now always demand politely request them when my mom goes grocery shopping in advance of my arrival.  If you see these around, I highly recommend!
Mixed Veggie Chips.
The first product I tried was the mixed vegetable chips.  The mix contains sweet potato (purple and regular), taro, squash, carrots, and green beans.

It didn't take long for me to hone in on my favorites.  Throughout many buckets of this, I easily identified that the taro sticks are my favorite (although sometimes they are a bit too crispy).  They satisfy my desire to crunch on something the best.  I've also always liked the green beans and the carrot coins, as both are super flavorful.  The green beans always surprise me in just how strong the green bean flavor is!  The sweet potatoes and squash are always nice and crunchy, but often seem a little too oily, are not flavorful enough, and are the least remarkable of the bunch.  They are really pretty though, the purple potato in particular adds a lot of color to the assortment.
Carrot Chips..
Luckily for me, my second and third picks, the green beans and carrots, are also sold individually (as is okra, not included in the mix).  My new technique is to get a bin of the mixed veggies, eat mostly just the taro/carrots/green beans, and get extra bins of carrots and green beans.  My little sister likes the sweet potato and squash, so she gobbles up whatever I reject.  Win-win!

I also created my own snack mix, with the carrots chips and Snyder's Honey Mustard Pretzel Nibbles.  This turned into a great creation, I loved the honey mustard and the carrots combined!
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