Friday, January 31, 2014


I'm always on a quest to discover new snacks, particularly crunchy ones.  I've got a bit of a thing for sitting on the couch munching on treats during the evening.  Usually, I wind up with assorted flavored popcorns, chips, or pretzels, but every once in a while I try to be somewhat healthier.

So I was interested in the Snapz product line,  fruit and vegetables crisps made from slices of fruit and vegetables with no added salt, sugar, fat or artificial flavors or colors."  They are all dehydrated at low temperatures, not baked nor fried.

The product line is pretty limited, only two types of vegetable chips and two types of fruit chips.  I tried all but the tomato chips, as I wasn't ever able to find them, although they sound potentially interesting.  The fruit chips were highly unremarkable, but the veggie chips were ... interesting at least.  I don't see myself going out to buy any of these again, but they were fun to try.
Premium Pineapple Crunch.
This bag of pineapple crunch was a bit deceiving.  It was a fairly small bag, but was less than half full.  I expected pineapple rings, or at least sizable chunks, but what was inside was just tiny little bits of pineapple, as you can see above.

It was ... basically just dehydrated pineapple.  It tasted like pineapple.  Slightly sweet.  But crunchy.  I could see the pineapple bits being tasty as part of a snack mix, but I wasn't really into just eating the little bits on their own.  It wasn't that they were bad, just very boring.
Crunchy Premium Apple Crisps.
I like apple chips.  I think dried apples are ok.  These were somewhere in between those two worlds, not as soft as a dried apple, nor as crispy as a chip.  They didn't really have anything redeeming about them.  I have no idea why I would ever pick these over any other type of apple: fresh, dried, chipified ... anything.  Again it isn't like they were bad, but they were a bit strange, and there was just no reason to eat them.
Premium Grilled Zucchini Crunch.
The zucchini was definitely the most interesting of the products.

None of us quite knew what to think with this one.  They tasted incredibly like zucchini, which makes sense given that they have exactly one ingredient: zucchini.  I expected a chip like form factor, but instead, they were puffy, as you can see in the one I'm holding up above.  Like all of their products, they were dehydrated somehow, not baked nor fried.  They also had grill marks on them, and there was some grilled flavor.

I think we were all more fascinated by these, than enjoyed them.  They weren't bad, but as Ojan put it, "why would I want grilled, dry, puffed zucchini?" I guess they are a super healthy alternative to potato chips when you want something crunchy, as they are only 30 calories per bag.

Some people felt these tasted a bit like seaweed.
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