Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Horchata from Toma

I know I said after my last visit that I wouldn't return to Toma.  But ... I've been on a horchata kick lately.  Sometimes, I get really into a particular item of food, or drink in this case, and must try it in as many places as possible.  My other recent similar obsession has been with bubble tea.  I think I get really into refreshing drinks once the weather warms up!

So I went back to Toma, and this time, I skipped the food entirely.  The horchata was better than the tacos, the chips, and the salsa.
Horchata.  $3.26.
This was ... ok.  I actually drank it all.  But it wasn't great.

A bit watery and thin, not much spicing.  I question if it actually had cinnamon in it.  As I walked, I kept passing by coffee shops, and I wanted to sneak in and add cinnamon.  But it did at least taste like rice, and was slightly sweet.  Far better than the Horchata from Nick's.

The $3.26 price was high for a drink like this, compared to the $2 version at Nick's.  I would not get again, and honestly, I won't go back to Toma, for real this time.
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