Thursday, January 08, 2015

Milky Way Ice Cream Bars

I'm sure you know Milky Way, the classic candy made by Mars.  I've reviewed regular Milky Way chocolate bars before, but this is a Thursday review, so it is focused on ice cream, not chocolate.  Did you know that they make Milky Way brand ice cream bars?
Simply Caramel Ice Cream Bar.
The wrapper, and exterior chocolate coating, look a lot like a regular Milky Way candy bar.  But, once you get inside, you find that the milk chocolate shell is filled with caramel ice cream rather than nougat.
The bar was very sweet, as it was caramel on caramel.  The ice cream was sweet, the caramel also sweet (and gooey!), and the milk chocolate, yup, sweet.  But, I enjoyed it.  The ice cream was better than most packaged ice cream bars, I loved the way the caramel sauce oozed all over the place, and the chocolate shell had a nice snap to it.  It was far better than I expected.

I wouldn't necessarily get another, but it was pretty good!

Update: Ok ... so I got another.  It was again crazy sweet.  I wanted water or something to cleanse my palate afterwards, as I was overwhelmed by sweetness.  The ice cream this time was a bit icy, but once it melted slightly, it was much better.  The caramel was gooey and I liked it, but you had to be prepared for the sweetness.  I again liked the snap of the chocolate, and although it wasn't quality stuff, it reminded me of the ice cream bars I ate as a kid, and thus, I liked it.

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Chocolate Ice Cream Bar.

I also tried the chocolate version, basically the same thing, except with chocolate ice cream instead of caramel ice cream.  The caramel sauce and milk chocolate shell were the same.

I again really liked the gooey caramel and the snap to the milk chocolate shell, but the chocolate ice cream was lackluster.  This version wasn't as sweet as the caramel one, but I preferred the caramel.
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