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Roostertail is a casual American food joint in Lower Pac Heights, serving up primarily rotisserie chicken and sides.  As you likely know by now, I don't like chicken, but I do love the sides that go along with bbq, so I was eager to check it out not only for my staple side dish of slaw, but also, for the cornbread I had read good things about.

I planned to return again to take photos of the interior to show you better, but, alas, when I saw Roostertail "is" a restaurant in Pac Heights, I need to correct that, as they just closed this past weekend (June 14).  So sadly, I won't get a chance to return to take photos of the stunning patio space hidden out back, and, you won't get a chance to try the food.

But I'll still tell you about it.

Like I said, the rotisserie chicken is the star dish (organic, free-range of course).  Along with basic roast chicken, they also had wings and chicken sandwiches, plus some other bbq classics like pulled pork and brisket.  The only thing I ever had eyes for were the sides, which included all the basics: fries, onion strings, baked beans, mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese, plus some token vegetables like broccoli and cheese, braised kale, and brussels and bacon.  Desserts sounded great too, like seasonal fruit crisp and Staus soft serve ice cream.  We need more legit soft serve ice cream in this town!
Jalapeño Cornbread, side, $4.
I started with the dish I read many great things about, the cornbread!

A side order of cornbread comes with 3 pieces, not traditional chunks of cornbread.  Instead, each piece is like a little madeline, shaped like an ear of corn.  Served warm, with honey butter on the side.

It was indeed good cornbread, with a pleasant grittiness to it, and a nice kick from the jalapeño.  And the best part?  The side of honey butter, always the right thing to pair with your cornbread.  The honey butter is whipped and fluffy, although, it did have less honey flavor than I'd prefer.

Update (several months later): I returned a second time to pick up some cornbread, as I had chili waiting for me at home, and I always love cornbread alongside my chili.  I of course had a bite when it was hot and fresh.  This time, I still really appreciated the jalapeño, but it seemed a bit more dried out, not quite as fresh tasting.  Slathering it in honey butter of course helped fix this, as did dunking it in my chili, so not a big deal, but the texture difference was notable.

Second Update (a few MORE months later): I went back again, with fond memories of the cornbread from that first time, but needing a third visit as a tie breaker.  And ... sadly, it seemed really dried out again.  And this time it wasn't even served warm.  Boo.  I'm done trying it.
Original Cole Slaw, side, $4.
As you know, I like to try out coleslaw all over town, from restaurants, delis, and fast food joints alike, like the duo of slaws from Cathead's BBQ, the inconsistent slaw from Prime Dip, the poppyseed dressing version from Deli &, the one with far too many red peppers from Cedar Hill, and the decent basic deli version at Bayside Market.  When I saw a photo of Roostertail's slaw, I had to try it.

I loved the look of the slaw, so colorful and vibrant, with both purple and green cabbage, and bright orange carrot shreds.  Reviewers also all commented on how it wasn't overly mayo-y or heavy.

I disagree.  It was way over-dressed for my taste.  The cabbage was very fresh and crisp however, and the flavor was good, but, too heavy for my liking.  There was also a fair amount of red onion, which was too harsh and made for some very strong bites.

I passed it off to Ojan, who gladly finished it, so again, I still can't figure out his type of ideal cole slaw, but it certainly seems to be whatever slaw I dislike, which is quite convenient!

$4 for a side dish was a reasonable price, although I think a similar quantity would be less at a deli.
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