Friday, September 11, 2015

Monster Munch

On Fridays, I mostly review snack foods.  That is because I love munching on things.  I'm an avid snacker.

One of my favorite parts of travel is that I get to try snacks from around the world.  On a recent adventure, I discovered Monster Munch.  New to me, but it has been around in the UK since 1977, manufactured by Smiths, whose products I have reviewed before.

Monster Munch is baked corn snacks, in fun flavors, with, uh, monsters as the selling point.  I think it is aimed at kids?  Each flavor has its own monster to represent it.  Over the years, the flavors have included ridiculous things like "beef burger", "spaghetti sauce", or "vanilla ice cream".

I only tried one variety on this trip, but I'll certainly seek them out next time I'm in the UK!
Pickled Onion.
These are basically puffy, baked corn snacks, in fun monster shapes.  They have a nice crunch, really light, with satisfying air pockets.  The texture was just right.

The flavor was crazy though, dubbed "pickled onion".  It was slightly onion-y, yes.  And tangy.  I didn't really taste "pickles".  But, I liked it.  I think.  Such a strange flavor.
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