Friday, November 13, 2015

White Mountain Kettle Corn

Knowing my love for snacks, and popcorn in particular, and kettle corn even more specifically, one of my family members got me a bag of White Mountain Kettle Corn, from my home state of New Hampshire.

White Mountain Kettle Corn is a family owned company, making small batches of popcorns.  The popcorn is "all natural", nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc, certainly promoted as a healthier snack alternative.  They make a single flavor, just kettle corn, described as "ever so lightly sweet and salty".

I wanted to love it, since I do really love kettle corn.  And I wanted to support my home state.  But ... yeah, not very interesting popcorn.
Kettle Corn.
This was, sadly, pretty boring kettle corn.

It was not super sweet, nor salty, the two things you look for in kettle corn.  I guess they do advertise it as "ever so slightly" sweet and salty, but, uh, really, what is the point if you don't go all out?

It was also not very fresh tasting, which makes sense, since it is bagged popcorn, who knows when it was popped.

I feel like for bagged popcorn to be interesting, it needs to have a more intense flavor, otherwise, how is it really different from any old microwave popcorn?  And simple microwave popcorn would be fresher ...

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