Friday, January 22, 2016

Organic Prairie Mighty Bars

Organic Prairie is a retailer of organic, farm raised meats, ranging from chicken and turkey, to pork and beef.  Their selections span from items like steaks and burgers, to bratwurst and hotdogs, to sausage and bacon, to even items like spiral cut ham and ribs, along with ground meat of all varieties (turkey, chicken, pork, beef, etc).

But those aren't really the type of foods I review, are they?  No, but snack foods are.  The only shelf-stable product Organic Prairie makes is "Mighty Bars", basically, really fancy Slim Jims, available in two varieties.  I've tried both.
Uncured Bacon & Apple Packaging.
"Organic Prairie Mighty Bars are hearty, delicious, protein-rich meat bar snacks made from 100% grassfed, organic beef. These wholesome, healthy pick-me-ups are conveniently packaged for busy, on-the-go lifestyles."

Meat bars.  Like I said, basically fancy Slim Jims.  Except not slim.  Hmm.

They are individually packaged, with labels boasting all the buzz words (grass fed, organic, yadda yadda).  The bars are shelf-stable, no refrigeration required.
Uncured Bacon & Apple - Back.
The back of the packaging is clear, so you can see the product.  Don't mind the bite taken out of this one, I took a bite, not really expecting to write a review of these, because I don't really review meat sticks, but, uh, it was really good, so I changed my mind.

Yes, it was a dried meat stick.  No, this isn't the sort of snack I normally gravitate towards, but, sometimes you just need some protein, and want something savory.  And this  totally fit the bill.

I keep describing these as like Slim Jims, but, the form factor is more like a slice out of a sausage, rather than a Slim Jim, as it is much wider, flat, and fairly thin.

The texture was good, just a bit of a chew to it, not enough to require gnawing.  The meat seemed quality, no gristle.  The flavor was great, you could certainly pick out the bacon, some garlic, and a touch of sweetness from molasses, in addition to the apple.

I was quite satisfied with this, and would gladly eat another, when the mood strikes to just eat some grab-n-go meat.
Cranberry & Sunflower Seed.
Next I tried the second flavor, cranberry and sunflower seed.  It was far less successful.

I didn't really like the chew to it, it had a bit too much casing.  And, I didn't like the flavor, which I guess makes sense, as I don't actually like cranberry or sunflower seeds much. I couldn't pick them out as distinct flavors, but, there was a bitterness and just strangeness to the flavor that I didn't like.

So, I definitely didn't want another of these, but I'd gladly go for another bacon one.  Another example of bacon does make just about everything better.
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