Friday, March 25, 2016

Simply7 Snacks

I swear, I don't seek out snacks.  Snacks seek me out.  I really don't remember how I wound up with a bag of Simply7 snacks ... a flight perhaps?

Anyway, Simply7 is yet another company trying to make healthy snack foods.  They use only "clean' ingredients, no trans fat, gluten-free, no artificial colors or preservatives, yadda, yadda.  You know the drill.  Their products are all one of my favorite munchies though: chips!

Except, the chips are made with kale, quinoa, hummus, or lentils as the base, all available in a variety of flavors.  Since I love munching away on things, of course I tried them.

(And, in fact, I tried the hummus chips on a Virgin America flight a while ago, they were served as a starter in First Class instead of nuts ...)

Quinoa Chips

"Simply delicious, light, crunchy snacks with quinoa as the main ingredient."

Quinoa chips are available in simple sea salt, salt & vinegar, barbeque, cheddar, and sour cream and onion.  I tried the sea salt.
Sea Salt Quinoa Chips.
"You might expect Sea Salt to be similar to the flavors of other basic salted snacks but it is so much more. The unique flavor of quinoa and the light dusting of sea salt makes for a snacking experience that will keep you reaching for more."

Quinoa chips?  Yeah right, I don't really do healthy like this.  And, just a plain salted flavor?  Bo-ring.  Or, so I thought.

These were actually really good.  I loved how they were light and airy.  They were indeed salty, super salty, but in a great way.

And ... healthy?  The entire bag was only 140 calories and had some protein to boot.

I'd gladly much on these instead of regular potato chips any day, something I never expected to say!  Now, to find them somewhere, and try more flavors.
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