Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Waffle Iron Cooking: Quesadillas

I adore my waffle iron.  I use it to "cook" most meals.  As you know, my love of the waffle iron started with realizing it is the perfect way to re-heat so many things, as I've shared with you in my waffling leftovers series (what? You haven't read those?  Drop everything, and go read about waffling leftovers first, it will change your world!)

But I've advanced past just waffling leftovers.  Now, I create from scratch in my waffle iron too.  Last week, I shared how to make french toast in the waffle iron.  This week?  Quesadillas.

Quesadillas: Will if waffle?  Yup, easily, but, this one is subject to personal opinion.
Assembled Quesadilla.
Instructions for assembly are pretty simple.

Take a flour tortilla.  Put shredded cheese and whatever else you want inside (I used steak chunks in one, rotisserie chicken in another, and random veggies in another.  This is a great way to use up leftovers!)  Top with another flour tortilla.  Simple.

You could then take your quesadilla and cook it in any number of ways.  When I was a kid, I'd throw them in the microwave.  Slightly more advanced is baking in the oven or toaster oven.  In a pan on the stove top also works.  As does a panini press or grill.  Or, um, a waffle iron.
Waffled Quesadilla!
The cooking was simple too.

I slid it into the waffle iron, at 350° (a random choice, it just happened to be the previous setting), and cooked for about 5 minutes.  It got lovely waffle marks on it and was easy to remove from the waffle iron (unlike so many other creations!)

It was also super easy to cut into the requisite triangles, since the iron marks already divided it into quadrants.

I thought the waffle method of preparation was great.  It was cute, and I liked having the slightly soft areas and crispy bits where the iron touched, but Ojan was not a fan.  He said it was fine actually, but, not a quesadilla, and he wanted a quesadilla.  Since I could only fit one in the waffle iron at a time, I also put one on the George Foreman grill at the same time.  That one came out crispier since more surface area of the tortilla touched the grill, and he was much happier with it.  (I do wonder if I'd cranked up the heat more if this would have gotten crispier ...  but, I guess it will always have the problem of not having every surface touch the iron, so, if you want all crispy, you won't get it with a waffle iron).

So, super simple, I thought it worked, but, to each their own ...
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