Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Waffling Leftovers: Plantains

Update Review, August 2017

More leftover plantains.  And this time, I did something incredible.
Dessert Sundae Waffle Plantain Success!
Waffling plantains worked before, but waffling plantains, and turning them into a ridiculous sundae, worked even better.

One of my best creations yet!  Dulce de leche coated waffled plantains, topped with rum caramel, milk & honey ice cream, whipped cream, and rainbow crunchy kettle corn.

Oh yes it waffles.
The Original: Leftover Roasted Plantains.
I started with basic slices of roasted plantain.

Fairly thin, and fully roasted this time (last time they were thicker, and slightly undercooked).
Into the Waffle Iron ...
Simple technique at first, just into the iron at 350 degrees.

I coated a few with dulce de leche to caramelize a bit as they grilled up, just to experiment.  It worked fine, but wasn't really necessary.
Looking Good ...
They looked good when I checked on them midway through cooking.  Getting crispy dents from the grills, as I hoped.
They grilled, er, waffled, perfectly.
Waffled Plantain Sundae with Milk & Honey Ice Cream, Whipped Cream, Rum Caramel.
I turned them into a sundae, topped with warm rum caramel sauce, Milk & Honey Three Twins ice cream, and whipped cream.

It wasn't pretty, but it was AMAZING.

Hot, fresh, slightly crispy, plantains.  Melty sweet ice cream, with a beautiful honey flavor that worked well with the plantains.  Fluffy whipped cream.  Sweet rum caramel sauce that paired perfectly with the plantains.

It was awesome.  Awesome, awesome, awesome.

I loved the play of warm plantain and cool ice cream, it was sweet but not as sweet as it might sound, and, the textures worked nicely.

But it needed something crunchy.  I wanted to add pecans, but alas, I didn't have any.  So I got creative.
And More Toppings: Rainbow Kettle Corn!
I sprinkled rainbow candied kettle corn on top.

It was exactly what I needed, even though it made it look ridiculous.

I adored this, and there is nothing I would change.

I also made a small version with warm peanut butter sauce and whipped cream, which was tasty too, but, didn't compare to this one.  So good!

Original Review, May 2016

Continuing my Wed series of waffling leftovers, this one is a bit random: plantains.

Yup, I had leftover roasted plantains, and, of course I decided to put them into the waffle iron as my reheating technique the next day.

Leftover plantains: will it waffle?  Sure, but, don't expect anything mind blowing.
Mexican Roasted Plantains.
The original dish was roasted plantains, coated with cumin, paprika, and chili powder.  They weren't really cooked enough for my taste, more just like warm, mushy, bananas.

Instead of throwing out my portion however, I saved them, thinking that they'd be great if I just cooked them a bit more.  And of course, I didn't just roast them more.  I waffled them.
Waffled Plantains!
I didn't do anything to the plantains, just dropped them into the waffle iron (at 350°), and let them go for a bit.

When I returned, they looked like, well, squished plantains with waffle marks on them.  I suppose that is to be expected.

Nothing extraordinary happened here.  They did finish cooking so I liked them more, and I did like the crispy bits where the iron made contact with the plantain.

I dunked them in honey and sour cream (I know, it sounds weird, but totally works), and enjoyed my little creation.

So, I guess, if you wind up with slightly under-roasted plantains (a common problem, I know), go ahead and waffle them?
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