Monday, October 31, 2016

Catering by Boloco, Hanover, NH

I was recently in Hanover, NH for a recruiting event at Dartmouth, where we had lunch catered by the local Boloco.  I knew of Boloco, a chain of fast casual burritos, with locations only in New England (and mostly Massachusetts), but this was my first time actually eating anything from there.  For lunch, we had burritos, chips and salsa.  I can't say I was excited for this, as I don't like Mexican food very much, and I don't really like burritos in particular (well, I don't like rice and beans).  But the last recruiting event I did had Mexican catering from Rubio's and that was fantastic, so, I had a bit of hope.  Plus, Boloco isn't really Mexican ... it is "globally inspired burritos", aka, basically just wraps.

I wasn't impressed with Boloco, but, to be fair I didn't have any items I would have selected given the full menu.  For our evening event, we had catering by Ramunto's (pizza, garlic knots, and cinnamon knots), and that was much more successful.  Stay tuned!
Catering Box of Burritos.
Our catering order arrived nicely packaged and was set up by the staff.  They laid out a white paper tablecloth, set up plates and utensils, opened up the chips and salsa buckets (and took the lids away, which was a problem when we had leftovers ...), put out serving utensils, and left the burritos in a closed box to keep in the heat.
Chips & Salsa.
Boloco offers 3 tomato based salsas (mild, medium, and bold) plus corn and mango salsa.  I'm not sure which this was, I think likely mild as it had no heat.

I didn't like the salsa.  The chunks of tomato were vibrant red, but, flavorless.  It had no heat or spice to it.  There was lots of raw white onion.  Overall, just bland and not fresh tasting.

The chips were pretty good though, very salty, but I liked that.  Chips and salsa are normally $1.99 for a personal side, we were provided with giant containers as part of our package ($10/head including a burrito and drink per person).
Classic Fajita Vegetarian, small size. $6.88.
Boloco's concept is that you pick your style (buffalo, teriyaki, cajun, Bangkok thai, tikka masala, summer, or classic Mexican), then your type (burrito or bowl), then your size (mini, small, or original), your tortilla (white or wheat), your protein (white meat chicken, dark meat chicken, grass-fed steak, slow braised carnitas, tofu, fajita veggies), and then any additional things you'd like to add (other veggies, other grains, sauces/dressing, hummus, guac).

I liked the sound of some of the styles, like the ones with tikka masala or thai peanut sauce, and I don't like rice or beans, so I could certainly have come up with a tasty custom version, but since this was a catered event, I didn't have options, and I didn't know what the different styles actually were as I hadn't been to Boloco before.

I grabbed a "Classic Faijita Vegetarian" because I didn't want chicken or steak and the rest all seemed to be chicken or steak.  Sadly this turned out to be just a boring veggie burrito, classic Mexican style with rice, pinto beans, cheese, salsa, and cilantro, in a wheat tortilla with some fajita veggies (onions and peppers).

So ... yeah.  Mushy rice and beans and the same flavorless salsa made up the majority of my fillings.  I don't really like these things even when nicely prepared.  The veggies were fine I guess, but I only found a few thin slivers of onion and peppers, and they were very soft and slimy.

Speaking of slimy.  The tortilla, likely because it was packaged up, was super moist and gummy.

I didn't really like anything about the burrito.  On the plus side, it was hot.  The packaging was very effective.

A small veggie burrito is normally $6.88, but this came as part of a catering package including chips, salsa, and drinks for $10 each.
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