Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dessert from Osha Thai

Randomly one day at work, my co-workers decided to go out to lunch, a rare occurrence, since our office serves amazing food, for free.  But sometimes it is nice to get out of the office, but I sadly had meetings, so there was no way I could join.

Of course, they asked me for recommendations, and I suggested Osha Thai, not because it is amazing, but, it really is the only place nearby that I thought might be able to seat a group of 10+ without any reservation.  They were successful in their venture.

But alas, I wasn't able to join, and was stuck scarfing down my lunch in-between meetings.  So why am I writing this?  Well, because I have awesome co-workers, who know that I adore dessert.  They brought me dessert!

I don't think I've ever had dessert at Osha before, as I'm usually stuffed from a big meal there, however, I have tried tons of desserts from their casual takeout location, After Osha, on several occasions, like the fascinating pandanus tapioca with kettle corn and coconut cream, or the even more crazy water chestnut coated in tapioca served with coconut milk .  This was my first regular Osha dessert, and it was decent.
Mango Sticky Rice. $10.
"Sweet sticky rice served with mango topped with coconut cream."

The Osha dessert menu has a lot of amazing sounding options, including "Bangkok Cotta & Black Sticky Rick: Thai style silky panna cotta served with coconut black sticky rice".  I love panna cotta so much that my blog as a label dedicated to it.  I love sticky rice, particularly black sticky rice.  This sounded awesome!  But alas, not available for takeout.  Nor are some of the other tempting sounding creations, because they need to be served hot and fresh, like  tempura fried ice cream, or crispy banana summer rolls.

But the one thai dessert staple that I could get delivered to my desk was mango sticky rice.  I'm not complaining.  I love mango sticky rice.

Of course, mango in the US is not amazing.  This mango was no different.  Ripe, but just not very flavorful.  It made me yearn for Sydney mango!

The sticky rice was quite good though, exactly what I wanted.  Still a bit warm.  I'm sure it would have been even better hot and fresh.  The rice was nicely sticky, cooked well, not mushy, not crispy, with a good sweetness to it.  I liked the sesame seeds on top for a little crunch.

It was drizzled with coconut cream, always a key component, and garnished with a single raspberry.

Overall, this was pretty solid, save the mango that was just typical US mango, I can't fault Osha on that.  I would have really liked more of the coconut cream however, there just wasn't much.  Still, better than the version from Modern Thai.

The $10 price seems a bit high, for half a mango and a ball of sticky rice, compared to other local options like Bang San Thai, where I had a decent version for $4, or the mediocre $7 from from Thai House 530.

I'd get this again, but I'd prefer to dine in so I can get one of the other options I was eyeing!
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