Thursday, August 15, 2013

Assorted Candies from Tout Sweet

A while ago, when it first opened, I reviewed the macarons from Tout Sweet.  I wasn't impressed.  But I've loved the desserts that Yigit prepared at several demos I've attended, and his personality is just infectious.  So when I was shopping in Macy's recently, I stopped in to grab some treats.  Since I wasn't going to be eating them right away, I stuck with things I could throw in my bag and eat later.  I wish I had been able to stay for some real desserts, as the display case had some insanely good looking sweets! Next time, I'll certainly go for a full dessert.
Tipsy Toasted Coconut Marshmallow. $6. Root Beer Float Marshmallows. $8.
A few years ago, I claimed that marshmallows would be the new cupcakes.  Soon, everywhere would have fancy marshmallows.  It didn't really happen, but at least Tout Sweet delivers in this department!

They had a slew of different marshmallows, available in packs of 12.  I selected the two most appealing to try out.

The Tipsy Toasted Coconut were described as: "Coconut marshmallow with a dash of rum rolled in toasted coconut".  These were more moist than I am used to with marshmallows.  I didn't actually like the toasted coconut flakes on the outside.  I'm normally all about textures, so this surprised me, but the dry flakes with moist marshmallow created a strange effect.  There was a slight rum taste on the finish.  I really expected to love these, since who doesn't love rum and coconut, but they didn't do it for me, and I wouldn't get them again.  Perhaps they would be good in an Bailey's Hot Chocolate?

The Root Beef Float is a pack of two different varieties, root beer, and vanilla bean.  These were both amazing.  Not as moist and dense as the coconut.  The root beer ones tasted insanely like root beer.  I swear they were even fizzy.  The vanilla bean had intense vanilla bean flavor, none of that fake crap.  They were both totally delightful on their own.  But combine together into a "root beer float"?  Amazing.

I'm going to go as far as to say that these root beer float marshmallows were the best marshmallows I have ever had.  And yes, I've had a lot of fancy marshmallows, as I jump on them whenever I find them.  Totally worth the $8.
Crunchy Caramel and Double Chocolate Coated Macadamias. 3oz. $6.00.
They also have assorted coated nuts, available in several sizes.  I was thrilled to see macadamias, always one of my favorites.

I did not taste the caramel at all.  The double chocolate seemed to be a chocolate coating and then a cocoa powder.  The cocoa powder made them more bitter than I expected, and I think that flavor would have gone better with a different type of nut.  The macadamias usually have an inherent sweetness that was masked here.  I did like the crunch, but I wouldn't get these again.


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