Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Frozen yogurt @ Orange Tree

Stop #2 on last week's frozen yogurt crawl in Cupertino: Orange Tree.

This is another self-serve, pay by the ounce setup.  They offer 10 flavors at a time, and some toppings.  It was much worse than stop #1, Yogurtland, in pretty much every way.  Fewer flavors, far fewer toppings, but more significantly, the yogurt was also not nearly as good, it was not creamy, and the flavors were clearly fake.  I wouldn't go back here.

I *think*, but am not certain, that they use YoCream.  I didn't see signs, but I'm guessing based off of the flavors offered, and the fact that I didn't like it!  I don't know why everywhere carries such a mediocre brand!

  • Vanilla: Tasting notes: runny, watery, no flavor.
  • Chocolate: Tasting notes: runny, not much flavor.
  • Cheesecake: Tasting notes: not creamy, no flavor, just sweet.
  • Cookies and cream: Tasting notes:  not creamy, just sweet, no real flavor.
  • Coconut: Tasting notes: not much flavor, not creamy.
  • Pomegranate sorbet: Tasting notes:  Best one I tried.  Fruitiness comes through.  Kinda good, icy but this was sorbet, not yogurt.
  • Greek yogurt honey: Tasting notes: no honey flavor, no greek yogurt flavor.
  • Did not try: pistacchio, tart, strawberry banana.

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