Friday, August 31, 2012

Sushi Fantastic

I continued on my quest to use my LevelUp free credits, and decided to stop in at Sushi Fantastic, to get a little bit of sushi to go along with my dinner.

Sushi Fantastic is a very casual place, you order at a counter, and then either take your food TOGO or sit in the seating downstairs.  The staff were very friendly.

It didn't quite live up to its name.  I don't really see any reason to go back.
Tamago Nigiri.  $3.
I always end sushi meals with an order of tamago.  I call it my dessert.  When it is good, I love it.  But it is often fairly disappointing, even at great sushi restaurants.  But, I was trying to stick to my $2 free credit budget, so I couldn't actually afford any fish.  Tamago or inari were my choices, so I went with the tamago.

It was listed on the menu for $2, but I was charged $3.  I double checked the online menu after, and saw that it also said $2.  Grumble.

Anyway, my order was served with some mediocre pickled ginger, carrot curls, and some flavorless wasabi.  The tamago was not as sweet as I like, and otherwise unremarkable.  Not bad, but not good.  The rice was actually pretty decent, it didn't fall apart, and had a good vinegar level.
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