Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cookies from Mrs. Fields

To celebrate National Cookie Month, Mrs. Fields was giving away free cookies.  I've never had their cookies before, but I do like my sweets (and freebies), so I went to check it out.

Then a few days later at work, someone received a box of Nibblers (their tiny little cookies).  They were clearly not as fresh as cookies at the shop, and I wouldn't have ever known they were from the same merchant, if it wasn't for the labels.  I was not a fan, as I like soft cookies, and the Nibblers were very hard.

I'm glad I got to try Mrs. Fields, as the fresh baked cookies always smell so good when I walk by in the mall, but I don't really have any desire to have them again.
3" White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie. $1.99.
For free cookie day, I could pick any cookie.  Since I had no idea what they were known for in particular, I asked the woman serving me which cookie was her favorite, and went with her recommendation.

It was a decent cookie.  Soft style, which I like.  The white chocolate was basically just sweet, but a little creamy.  The nuts added a nice crunch.  The dough was nice and buttery.

Nothing extraordinary, but a good enough cookie.
White Chocolate Macadamia Nibbler.  6 for $3.99.
I expected this to be a little mini version of the larger size cookie I'd had with the same name, but honestly, it really didn't seem remotely the same.  Unlike the soft larger version, it was hard.  I didn't find any macadamia in mine.  And the white chocolate chips were just kinda there.  And the base wasn't buttery.  My favorite of the Nibblers, but I wouldn't get again.
Peanut Butter Nibbler.
Like all of the nibblers, another hard style cookie.  Some subtle peanut butter flavor, but not very good at all.  Least favorite.
Cinnamon Sugar Nibbler.
I don't really care for snickerdoodles that much, but I tried it anyway.  Another fairly crispy cookie, not much flavor to it.  A snickerdoodle really needs the base cookie to be good, and this wasn't.  The cinnamon and sugar coating was nice enough.  Second to last favorite.
Triple Chocolate Nibbler.
 Chocolate cookie base, with both white and chocolate chips.  Another hard cookie, not my style.
Debra's Special (aka, oatmeal raisin nut) Nibbler.
Another crispy not good cookie.  The nuts were a nice addition to oatmeal raisin, but the cookie didn't really have much flavor, and honestly, I didn't detect the oatmeal.  The raisins were all clustered to one side.
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Nibbler.
This was a totally generic chocolate chip cookie.  Not very buttery, not very sweet, chocolate pretty standard.  It wasn't crispy, but it wasn't soft.  Definitely not my sort of cookie.
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