Friday, February 22, 2013

Erin Baker's Granola

I love breakfast food, but rarely eat it at home. I generally prefer going out to brunch to have decadent french toast or bread pudding, or at least visiting a bakery or cafe for fresh baked goods.  But lately I've been lazy, trying more simple at-home options, like cereal and granola.

I discovered Erin Baker's, a brand with several product lines, including breakfast cookies (!!!), "Homestyle" granola, and "Endurance Granola".  The endurance granola is not your everyday granola, it is loaded with protein, Omega-3's, fiber, etc, via soy protein crisps.  It is even the "official granola of Ironman".  I started with that line, and didn't like it, so I didn't bother trying any others.
Power Crunch Granola: Peanut Butter.
"Made with whole grains, all natural Peanut Butter and sweetened with Honey and Molasses. "

They also make this flavor in their "Homestyle" granola line, which as far as I can tell, is exactly the same, just without the soy protein crisps.

I expected it to taste like peanut butter, given the name, but it didn't really.

First, I tried it just by the handful, as something to munch on.  It was boring and dry.  Not much flavor, and the clusters weren't really large enough to be good finger food.  I tried it several times this way, and never liked it.  It was also too dry, I think due to the peanut butter.

I then tried it with some soy milk.  Again, just not much flavor.  How can peanut butter be disappointing?  Sadness.  Meh.
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