Thursday, February 14, 2013

More Donuts from Henry's

For Valentine's day, GoPago treated its first 3,000 loyal users to a $5 credit.  I used it as an excuse to in turn treat myself to a sweet start to my Valentine's day ... in the form of a donut :)

I was thrilled to discover that Soup Junkie was added to GoPago since the last time I went on a GoPago donut adventure, since they carry Dynamo Donuts.  I've still never had a Dynamo donut, but everyone tells me they are the best around.

My previous two donut adventures led me to understand that donut eaters somehow get up crazy early and deplete the stock of all good donuts very early, so I got an even earlier start.  I pulled up GoPago on the way to place my order, and was horrified to see that Soup Junkie was listed as closed.  Hmm.  I still headed there, hoping that their machine was just off, and that I could tell them this, and they'd turn it on and I'd get my sugary goodness.  As I approached, I saw that they were indeed open.  Phew.  But ... as I got closer, I saw that the donut case was empty.  Only cookies remained.  Foiled again!

So, I decided to try my luck at the last place I got a donut on GoPago: Henry's Cafe and Deli.  My last donut there had been a bit unremarkable, but I did just get a simple glazed donut, which isn't what I would have picked given more options.

I rushed there, not placing my order in advance, just in case they had a poor selection.  When I arrived, the selection was minimal, but this time it had a huge, awesometastic looking apple fritter.  Yes, please!

In the GoPago app, "small donut" was listed as $1, and "large donut" was $1.50, so I assumed it was a "large donut".  I placed my order, the signature GoPago chimes sounded, and the person working asked me which donut I'd like.  I pointed to the fritter, and she informed me that that wasn't a donut, it was an "apple pie", and it was $2.  I said I'd change my order, as I wanted the fritter, but "apple pie" wasn't anywhere to be found on the menu.  Nor was anything else that was $2.  Sigh.  I tried to communicate the problem, as I didn't actually have cash on me, and using a credit card to pay the $0.50 difference seemed ridiculous.  She was really helpful, and suggested that I select another $1 donut, and that she'd just give me $0.50 change.  Problem solved.

A bit of a frustrating ordering experience, but I should have asked before I placed my order.  Not GoPago's fault at all, but if you want to order a fritter, you can probably best do so by ordering 2 "small donuts".
Apple Fritter.  $2.
I barely took two steps outside the door before I tore into my fritter.  I almost didn't bother taking a photo, but this beast needed documentation.

Sadly, my first bite was met with disappointment.  It wasn't moist.  Nor did it have a crispy exterior.  And it  was really, really fried tasting.  I remembered feeling that way slightly about the last donut I'd had from Henry's, but it was really extreme in this case.  So much oil.

I tried a few more bites, and then realized something else was wrong too ... where were the apples?  I think I found one tiny bit in the entire thing.  Not only was it not an apple fritter like it looked like, but it surely wasn't an "apple pie".

There was a little bit of cinnamon between the dough bits, which was a nice surprise, perhaps the only redeeming quality.

While it was coated in glaze, even that part somehow wasn't sweet or delicious.

The fritter was huge, like any good apple fritter.  $2 seems even a bit cheap compared to prices I've seen other places for fritters.  But I certainly wouldn't get another.
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