Thursday, March 14, 2013

Desserts from Soup Freaks

Soup Freaks is yet another local business I've discovered on LevelUp.  Like many places, they give a small $2 initial credit, which can't purchase any of the main items, but covers desserts, like cookies, which I've been trying from all over town lately.

The menu lists several types of cookies, but they seemed to never have any.  I think I stopped in at least 5 times when they were out.  Finally, one time they had cookies, but only one type: snickerdoodles.  Not what I'd normally pick.  The cookies were all individually wrapped in saran wrap.  They didn't look particularly good, but looks can be deceiving, as I learned from the delicious cookies from Quiznos, and they were free after all.

The menu said the cookies were $1.50, but the sign located in front of them said $1.65.  I was charged $1.65 + tax.  They should update their menu! (This was on both the physical menu in the store, and online).

Anyway, after the snickerdoodle, I still went back a few more times to try other types, but again, they were always out.  I finally asked when they expected to have cookies, and the staff member told me that they make a big batch early in the week, and just sell them until the run out.  I was always going in on Saturdays and Sundays, and they'd long since run out.  This also explains why they tasted stale and not fresh ... they weren't!

After that, I did try visiting earlier in the week, but still no cookies.  A few times, I saw little cheesecake bites.  But they had flies swarming around them and sitting on them, and they were not covered in any way.  Foolishly, I eventually tried them too.

Meh.  Won't be going back.
Snickerdoodle.  $1.65.
This was a soft, cakey cookie.  It didn't really have any flavor and there was absolutely nothing interesting about it.  Dusted with cinnamon and sugar on top.  Would not get again.
Raspberry Cheesecake Bite. $0.95.
This was not good.  I should have known better.

I didn't get one on my first several visits when I saw the flies swarming around them, but I was so sick of being disappointed by the lack of cookies that I finally tried one.  I didn't have high hopes, but I think I still haven't gotten it through my head that cheesecake can be horrible.  Even after the bad one from Jack In The Box, I still think, "hey, it is cheesecake, how bad can it be?"

Answer?  This was far worse than the Jack In The Box one.  That one at least had a nice consistency.

There was a little graham cracker crumble base, unremarkable.  Then, the cheesecake.  It had the worst mouthfeel of perhaps anything I've ever tried.  I can't even describe it.  It was like ... smooth paste?  Not good.  And it didn't taste anything like cream cheese or cheesecake.  On top was a little bit of raspberry swirl, which did indeed taste like raspberry.  It was the only redeeming factor.

I passed this off to Ojan, without warning him that it was horrible.  He thought it was so bad that he spit it out.

Would never, ever get again.  $0.95 seemed like a good price for a little cheesecake bite, but ugh.  No.
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