Friday, March 29, 2013

Gone Nuts!

As part of my recent snack foods addiction, I haven't just been gorging on chips and popcorn.  Ok, I kinda have, but every once in a while I also go for nuts, in attempt to have some protein.  I still haven't found any nuts I love as much as the Hail Merry ones, but these weren't bad.

Gone Nuts! makes a large variety of mixes, including all types of nuts and seeds: walnuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, brazil nuts, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, pepitas, and more.  The flavor variety is equally vast, ranging from spicy cajun lemon pepper to savory spinach pesto to balanced thai curry to sweeter varieties with chocolate and dried fruit.  Of course the sweet ones caught my eye.

The nuts are all either raw or sprouted, never roasted.  They are organic.  Sweetened with agave.  Those things don't matter as much to me as taste, but they are all positive attributes.

These didn't blow me away, but I'd consider trying some of their other varieties.
White Chocolate Cashews, Almonds & Cacao Nibs.
Of course these were the ones I went for.   Described as "Reminiscent of a white chocolate chip cookie" or a "decedent sweet and creamy flavor of raw cashews and sprouted almonds coated with premium clear agave nectar, coconut powder, cacao butter and mesquite pod meal."

There is nothing about these that reminded me of a white chocolate chip cookie.  They weren't bad, but I'd never imagine them that way.

The mix was primarily cashews, which I was disappointed by.  I don't hate cashews, but I don't love them.  I would guess that it was 80% cashews, with only a few almonds in my entire bag.  The nuts were all coated in a slightly sweet agave coating, but it was really minimally sweet.  The rest of the flavors were pretty interesting; I liked the coconut flavor, and the subtle cocoa flavor.  The crunch from the cocoa nibs added a little more texture.  But I really struggled to find any "white chocolate" flavor.

These really weren't anything like I was expecting, and I really hated them at first.  "Where is my white chocolate?" I thought, followed by, "Meh, cashews". I pretty quickly threw them into Ojan's snack pile.  But a few days later, they were still sitting there, so I tried them again.  And once I accepted them for what they were, I liked them much more.  And moved them back to my own pile belly.
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