Monday, March 18, 2013

Slider Shack

It has been a while since I've reviewed a food truck.  I just haven't been visiting them much lately.

But a few weeks ago, we were strolling along Sunday Streets, and the unmistakable smell of fried potato wafted through the air.  Ojan stopped dead in his tracks.  He looked around frantically.  I saw the Slider Shack truck parked off on the side, and immediately knew that it was where the smell was coming from.  I hadn't even been there before, but I know people always rave about their tots.

So, we rushed to the truck, an adorable thing with a serious beach shack vibe going on.  I noticed the LevelUp sign on the truck, and made our purchase that way, even though they were one of very few businesses I've ever seen that doesn't add any initial LevelUp credits to your account.  No freebies here, but still easier to pay than dealing with cash!  LevelUp worked with no problems, and we quickly received our order.
Tator Tots.  $3.
The famous tots, with dipping sauce.

We were all pretty disappointed with them.  They were very, very greasy.  We expected oily, greasy, street food, but it was a bit much.  They were also heavily salted.  But my biggest complaint is that they were barely lukewarm.  I've heard such good things about these tots that I can't help but think perhaps we just got the end of a batch or something?  Not only were these not special, they just weren't very good at all.

The sauce that came with them was hard to identify.  It seemed like a cross between ketchup and cocktail sauce maybe?  I love sauces, it this just didn't do it for me.  I also asked for a side of BBQ sauce to try something different, but found it to be too intense for the tots.  I'm sure it went better with the pulled pork slider which it was designed for.

$3 got us this fairly small serving of tots, and I wouldn't get again.

[ No Photo ]
Kalua Pork Slider. $4.  

Given the name of their truck, "Slider Shack", you can kinda guess what they are primarily known for: the sliders.  They offer several varieties, including classic beef, chicken, or veggie burgers.  They also have two pork varieties.  The person taking my order said the Kalua Pork was the best one, hands down, so I went for it.

The description read: “slow cooked a minimum of 15 hours with Hawaiian Alaea salt for a distinctively smoky Hawaiian imu flavor, dressed with Slider Shack's spicy Polynesian green sauce and topped with pickled red onions.”  Tasting notes: The pork was incredibly tender and fell apart easily.  It had a smoky flavor, and was really delicious.  And I don’t usually like pork.  The sauce was out of this world, incredibly flavorful and went perfectly with the pork.  I was really surprised, but this was downright delicious.  Would totally get again.
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