Thursday, September 26, 2013

More Cupcakes from Cako

Cupcakes are seemingly still a thing.  I kinda thought they'd be over by now.  But I guess I'm part of the problem, as I continue to try cupcakes all over the place, even though I am rarely happy with them.  I've had cupcakes from Cako before, and didn't love them.  But ... I was reading their website for some reason, and it had FREE CUPCAKE in big font.  Just join their club and get a free cupcake on your birthday!  I can't resist freebies, so I gave them another shot.
Tiramisu Cupcake.  $3.50.
This is the first time I ever got one to-go, rather than just eating it right away.  They package them up all cute, in a little holder that prevents it from falling over, with a cellophane bag around it.  The packaging seems great in theory, but, it is a good thing I took the photo right away rather than waiting until I got home.  While it didn't fall over, the cellophane did completely cave in on the cupcake, and most of my frosting wound up on the cellophane.  And it certainly didn't look pretty after this.

The tiramisu cupcake base is their standard vanilla cake, with a rum and espresso soaked center and bottom.  Or at least, I'm guessing that is what it is, given the name tiramisu.  It didn't actually taste boozy, or like coffee, but the inside was insanely moist, soggy even, and was brown colored.  I didn't really like the cake much, even the vanilla shell had a strange moistness to it.  But, the very soggy center was reminiscent of the namesake.

The frosting was mascarpone, and pretty tasty.  Sweet, but not too sweet, fluffy, and well, mascarpone flavored.  Again, it lived up to the tiramisu name well.  The frosting was my favorite part, and I ended up getting a knife to scrape all the mushed frosting off the inside of the wrapper.  There was also a little cocoa dusting on top, which looked cute, but wasn't really noticeable, flavor-wise.

Overall rating though, meh.  Probably the best of their cupcakes that I've tried, but I wouldn't get another.
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