Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cako Cupcakes

Cako is a small cupcake chain, with a handful of locations in San Francisco and throughout the bay area.  I've walked by their shops a number of times, as they have a location at the Metreon, one in the food court at the Westfield, and one near Union Square.

The Cako location in the Metreon also offers ice cream, with most flavors featuring some of the cupcakes broken up in them, a play on cake and ice cream.  I've tried several of their flavors, but haven't ever found an one that I've really liked, as they have mostly have been fairly unremarkable and not very creamy.

I do love cupcakes though, and their cupcakes are always on prominent display, and look quite tempting.  I've almost bought some on many occasions.  I don't tend to purchase cupcakes very often though, as I get them regularly at work, and vary rarely find others as good.  But, I went to an event where Cako was catering, so I got to try out a few minis, no strings attached.  I'm glad I never purchased any in the stores, as they weren't very good.
Mini Back to Basics. Mini Strawberry Cheesecake. $2 each.
The Back to Basics is just that ... the most basic cupcake you can get, vanilla cake with vanilla frosting.  I actually really like vanilla/vanilla cupcakes, and use them as a judge for many cupcake shops.

This cupcake wasn't particularly good, although it was much better than the one from Cups and Cakes Bakery.  It didn't have that much vanilla flavor, but the cake was nice and moist.  The frosting was very sweet, but again, not very vanilla-y.

The Strawberry Cheesecake was a big disappointment.  It sounded great, "a perfect proportion of real blended strawberries, and the finest cream cheese we could find".  But, the cake didn't really have any strawberry flavor to it, and if blindfolded, I doubt I could have distinguished it from the vanilla.  Again though, the cake was moist.  The frosting was very cream cheese-y, but had a really strange consistency and I really didn't like it at all.
S'mores Cupcake.  $3.25.
A co-worker brought in some full size cupcakes, so I got to try one of them as well.  This looked delicious!  A chocolate cupcake with toasted marshmallow frosting.

The cake was moist, but not really remarkable.  The topping was fluffy, and marshmallowy, but it all slid off in my first bite. Meh.
Mini Red Velvet.
"Moist, rich red velvet cake accompanied by our signature cream cheese frosting."  

The cake was indeed moist, like all of their cupcakes.  It had a subtle red velvet flavor.   It was fine, but the frosting was not.  It again had that really strange mouthfeel like on the strawberry cheesecake cupcake.  It didn't taste that cream cheesy, but the real issue was just the consistency, it was like toothpaste.  Did not like.

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