Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dessert from Red Balloon

Red Balloon is a Nicaraguan restaurant, located in the Mission.  I found them on LevelUp, and was interested when I saw one of their desserts: fried yucca puffs!  I've had a thing for root veggies lately, and I obviously always have a thing for desserts, so these sounded intriguing.  I had no idea what to expect.

The restaurant was small and uncrowded.  The server was very friendly.  Soft music was playing, incense burning.  Decor was nice, with wooden tables.  The bathroom didn't seem to match the place at all, as it was super modern, with one of those freestanding glass bowl sinks.

I only ordered the yucca puffs, and I got them to go, so I can't comment much more on the establishment itself.
Buñuelos.  $2.50.
The description on the menu said: "buñuelos, fried yuca puffs".  I had known buñuelos as little donuts, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  I think I pictured something like a ball of fried pieces of yuca.  Or like really poofy yuca chips.  Although, I wasn't sure how that would be a dessert.

Anyway, these looked exactly like little donuts.  But, apparently the dough was made from yuca?  They were freshly fried to order, and were piping hot.  I was excited for them, as I'd recently been craving donuts.  Unfortunately, I really didn't like them.  They just tasted really fried.  And the dough was tough and flavorless.  They were served with a sweet syrup as well, which I think may have been honey.  It didn't really help.

Disappointing, but since I've never had Nicaraguan buñuelos before, I have no idea if these were poorly done, or just not something I like.  The serving was two small donuts, which seemed a little steep for the price, particularly given that my bill was actually $3.29, even though the menu said $2.50 (which exceeded my $3 LevelUp credit!)  I didn't ask about it, but I somewhat wish I had.  I clearly wouldn't get these again.

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