Friday, October 04, 2013

Freshly Wild Super Foods

I love to snack and munch on things, particularly chips.  But sometimes, I want the satisfying crunch, without feeling quite as guilty.  I usually go for popcorn, although I never pick the simple healthy kind, so it sorta defeats the purpose.  Occasionally, I also try out kale chips.  I found some along time ago that I've really liked - super crunchy, fully of cheesy flavor (not from real cheese, but nutritional yeast, as they were vegan), but I haven't been able to find them again.  I've resorted to making my own whenever I wind up with extra kale, and enjoy experimenting with different flavors, salty, spicy, etc.  But, I still am never all that satisfied, so I continue trying new ones whenever I get the chance.

So I discovered Freshly Wild Super Foods.  They  make two product lines: kale chips (er, "Kale Joy") and onion chips (you guessed it, "Onion Joy").  Both are dehydrated and come in a bunch of different flavors.  The onion joy actually sounds really tasty, but I've only seen their kale chips around town.
Original Recipe Kale Joy.
The original recipe is "lemon juice, nuts, seeds, and a touch of salt", where "nuts" is cashews and walnuts.

This seasoning mix wasn't super interesting, but it did have some flavor.   My favorite kale chips use nutritional yeast to make them a bit "cheesy".  These did have nutritional yeast, but somehow weren't that cheesy.

The bag contained just over an ounce, and was a whopping $5.99 at Whole Foods.  It was enough for a single snack.  Way too pricy.

The chips were well coated, and had a decent crunch.  There was a mix of large chunks and broken up bits.

But overall, just not remarkable.  I didn't dislike them like the Brad's Raw Kale Chips, but I wouldn't buy them again, particularly given the price.
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