Sunday, September 07, 2014

Moonstruck Chocolatier

Moonstruck Chocolatier is a chocolate maker from Oregon.  They focus on making bars that not only taste, but also look, beautiful, featuring flavors from the Pacific Northwest.

They make basic chocolate bars, but also more exciting creations called "Dark Chocolate Bark Bars", like the stunning Candied Orange and Hibiscus Bark Bar, with full slices of candied orange inset on top, or interesting sounding fruit and herb combinations of Strawberry and Basil or Raspberry and Fennel.  They also make a few filled bars, hot chocolate, and a slew of truffles, including a whole line made with spirits from Oregon distillers.

I don't recall where I found their chocolates, and I only had a couple of the standard bars, but I'm certainly interesting in exploring their more creative sounding products if I ever find them!
Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Toffee.
I really enjoyed this bar, but it was certainly a candy bar, not a pure chocolate bar.

The milk chocolate base itself was quite good, very creamy.  Inside was actual whole nuts, perfectly salty.  Chocolate and salt is a winning pairing, as is chocolate and nuts, so this was fantastic.

But then, there was also bits of toffee.  The toffee is what certainly turned it into a candy bar, super sweet, but, somewhat balanced by all the salt.

This was a winner, I loved the combination of sweet and salty, the creamy chocolate, and the major crunch from whole nuts!
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almond.
Next I went for a dark chocolate bar, also with whole nuts, this time, almonds.

The almonds were roasted, which gave a bit of bitterness to the bar.  Not bad bitter, but it helped accentuate the fact that this was a dark bar, not a sweeter milk chocolate one.

The dark chocolate itself was extremely smooth, great quality.

And I loved the salt on the finish.

Another good bar!
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