Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rice Pudding from India Palace

Last week, I reviewed Darbar, an Indian restaurant in San Francisco that I visited only to try their rice pudding.  I've been on a quest to find good rice pudding, so more recently, I swung into the Indian restaurant that the SF Chronicle deems “the best Indian restaurant in town”.  India Palace, located between Pac Heights and Japantown.

India Palace is a fairly nondescript restaurant, with a small buffet in the corner.  The staff were friendly, and offered me a seat while I waited just a few minutes to receive my order.  Unfortunately, their rice pudding was among the worst I've encountered.
Kheer: Basmati Rice Cooked with Milk.  $2.95.
As you can see from the photo, this was very watery rice pudding.

The rice was overcooked, rather mushy.  It was swimming in the sweet liquid, which didn't have much flavor.  There were a few raisins and slivers of nuts, also very mushy.

And ... it also contained a metal shard - bonus!

So ... flavorless, poorly executed, and contaminated.  I won't be getting this again.

It was a fairly large serving, much bigger than what I've received at Darbar or Lahore Karahi , but it was also 50% more expensive.  The price seemed reasonable for the portion size.
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