Friday, November 21, 2014

Alpen Light Bars

As you read last Friday in my review of Eat Natural bars from the UK, I recently spent time in London, and of course tried out the local snack bars while I was there.

Alpen bars are made by Wheatabix, a UK cereal producer, that also makes assorted porridges and other breakfast items, along with grab and go snack foods.  Their signature product is the Wheatabix cereal, but they also produce a line of muesli, Alpen, and cereal bars made from it.

The products I encountered were the Alpen Light bars, presumably lighter versions of the regular Alpen bars.  The light versions are available in several varieties: Apple & sultana, Summer fruits, Chocolate & fudge, Lemon drizzle, Double chocolate,  and Cherry bakewell.  (Yes, that is how they capitalize the names.  Ugh!)

The bars are indeed a light offering, only 70 calories, but they don't exactly offer much nutritionally, with less than a gram of protein each.  And the regular bars are only ~120 calories, so they aren't exactly a heavy choice. Since they are made from cereal, I guess they are designed to be an easy breakfast?
Alpen Light Summer fruits.
"Mixed Cereal bar with Apple, Sweetened Cranberry, Raspberry, Strawberry and a Yogurt Flavour Drizzle."

This reminded me a lot of Special K cereal bars (which, I just realized I haven't reviewed.  Stay tuned!).  The base is a mix of assorted rice puff cereal and wheat based cereal, and it was studded with little bits of dried fruit.  It wasn't as overly sweet as the Kashi version, but, it also wasn't particularly flavorful.  The little bits of fruit inside provided the only little pops of flavor.  The "yogurt flavour drizzle" on top didn't provide much sweetness nor interesting component either.

Overall, very meh, meh, meh.
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