Thursday, July 02, 2015

Bacetti Ice Cream

Bacetti is a San Francisco based frozen treat manufacturer, with a facility located on Howard Street.  I've walked by many times, and noticed the sign advertising ice cream treats, but since they don't have a retail store front, I wasn't ever able to learn more.

That is, until I discovered the treats at Chantal Guillon Macarons.  I'm not really into macarons, but frozen treats?  Yes!  This is the only place they are sold, but you can also get them catered for events.

So what is Bacetti?  "Bacetti is an authentic gelato bite covered by a thin coat of chocolate."  Basically, individually wrapped gelato treats, available in assorted flavors.
Mint Bacetti: Packaging.
"Handmade and individually wrapped like a candy."

I must admit, the packaging is fun.  It does indeed feel like opening up a piece of candy!

The size is also fun.  You could pop the whole thing in your mouth in one bite, but it seemed best suited for two bites.  Someone with restraint might find a single one to be just enough to satisfy their sweet tooth, but I think it would take two for me.
Mint Bacetti: Inside.
I eagerly bit in (sorry, the photo was taken once I had a bite already).

The chocolate shell was thin, much better than what you'll find on most frozen confections at the grocery store.  It was clearly actual chocolate, made with cocoa powder, and wasn't waxy.  It had a nice snap to it.

The inside was fairly creamy ice cream, er, gelato.  It had a subtle mint flavor.  Chocolate and mint is always a combination I enjoy, and this was no exception.

Overall, it was good, it was fun, but I don't really see a reason to get another.
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